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Who hasn’t heard this? “I saw it on Pinterest!” If the creators of the popular site have anything to say about it, this phrase will become more and more popular.

In January a small group of active pinners were asked to test out a new look for Pintrest.  Their input and  valuable feedback allowed Pinterest to revisit the website in an effort to assist users in an easier way to discover what they love.

A sample of what you’ll see are subtle useful changes to make things more simple and clean, such as these new discovery features…

  • Bigger pins, so you can see more of what you love.
  • Pins from the same board, explore the entire board without leaving the page.
  • Pins from the same source, easy access to other things pinned from the same website.
  • People who pinned this also pinned this, easy access to similar interests.
  • Hate losing your place when browsing, the back button will return you there, no problem.

Those who have had the opportunity to view the changes are really happy with Pinterest’s new direction especially those pinners with multiple boards. Ease of use is always a good upgrade. Pinterest listened to the constructive guidance from its users and has definitely enhanced their ever popular site for the better.

Pinterest strengthened the foundation on which the website was built. Their goal is to make the site more reliable for you and easier to improve for them. Their team is excited about the upgrades which will be rolled-out on all sites in a few weeks.  In the meantime you can “opt in” to start using all of the great new tools available!

We have upgraded, have you? What do you think about the Pinterest updates?

Penny Jones, is a blogger and social media content writer at WebWorld Advantage.
Candy Jones-Guerin is a marketing innovator and owner of WebWorld Advantage. 
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