Select 2 email campaigns to compare side by side

Comparing two email campaigns side by side can help you determine exactly what was different, what continues to work, and where improvement can be made. If you send A/B test emails, this will be a great resource! Or comparing monthly newsletter emails to each other, or even Annual Report-type emails to each other.

After you click the Reporting tab, select 2 campaigns to compare, and run a special report for them.

  1. Check the boxes next to the campaigns you want to compare. This will enable the “Compare Campaigns” link. Click the link.

    Check boxes for emails to compare

  2. The Campaign Comparison Report will run to give you a graph for your stats, and clickable links to drill down to see exactly where the data comes from.

    Check boxes for emails to compare

  3. Click on a linked number to see exactly which of your contacts interacted with your email. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge the image of the campaign.
  4. Click the “Compare Other Campaigns” link to return to the Reporting page, where you can select other campaigns to compare to each other.

Source: Constant Contact