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In preparation for a speaking engagement for women entrepreneurs I recently pulled together a few marketing musts for 2013.  Take it from me; you will not want to be without these tools in the coming months.

Mobile, Mobile, Mobile – If your website is not mobile, it should be.  Recent studies are pointing towards an ever-increasing mobile marketplace.  People are browsing, buying and sharing at a rate never seen before. First, make sure that your site is mobile friendly and then try some of the other great tools that are available like creating a business app or using push notifications for your marketing.  These tools make it easier for your customers to connect with you.  Make sure you are not creating any barriers by having an outdated site.

Don’t Forget About Email Marketing – The truth is that email is still king.  More people have email addresses than social media accounts, so make sure to include a great email marketing plan for 2013.  There are great tools out there (Constant Contact being my favorite) that can help you market your business and connect with customers in ways you never thought possible.  Imagine knowing exactly what your customer want. Tracking tools give you exactly that information. Read more my blog on email marketing.

Keep Your Social Media In Check – Whatever you do online, do it well.  It is not a one-size fits all world and social media is no exception. (Click Here to download my free eBook “Choosing the Best Social Media for You”) Contrary to popular belief, your business may not need to be on Facebook or Twitter.  Each program has a different following and you only need to be where your customers are.  Save money, time and effort by doing social media well.

Real Time Marketing – Our marketing culture is becoming more and more time sensitive, meaning, if you have a social media presence your customers expect to be able to communicate with you in “real time”.  When your customers tweet, do you know how to respond?  How often are you checking your Facebook Page’s Inbox?  If you have an online presence, your customers will start using it to communicate.  Make sure you are following up and not losing customers.

I wish you the best of luck in all of your marketing endeavors this year.  Do you have anything to add to the list?  Let me know!  Also, let me know if you need help with your campaign!

Candy Jones-Guerin, owner of WebWorld Advantage, is an innovator in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education.