webworld advantageTonight was a beautiful evening, the humidity has finally subdued and town was alive with excitement as patrons gathered to celebrate the victory of the Brighton businesses that placed high in a recent survey. The first 200 patrons received goodie bags, very nice goodies I might add and very enticing coupons and door prizes.  Live music filled the night air. What added to the delight of this wonderful event was that the business owners were out mingling with everyone. When was the last time you celebrated your success? When did you thank your customers last?

I heard about this event on Facebook last week and a reminder today had me captivated and ready to head to town to see what was going on. I reconnected with many friends and business owners in an environment that reaped celebration, joy and good times. Are you out and about this summer, are you connecting with others online and/or face to face. Have you found or created opportunities to reach out this summer?

It is important to keep on top of the forces that are reshaping marketing opportunities. With this in mind, here are 5 approaches to developing the skills and marketability needed to grow and advance this summer.

1. Think global, act local: For many businesses and organizations, competition is coming from companies across the globe. It’s important to be aware and knowledgeable of the forces affecting your organization and your profession from all corners of the world. At the same time, businesses and organizations need to be able to do a better job of reaching out to and understanding local markets and opportunities.

2. Build your Visibility: A strong, professional presence across social media will give you tremendous presence online and in your community. Better yet, write articles and blogs advancing new ideas within your profession this will attract attention.

3. Think Outside:  Get out there and look for gaps inside and outside your business or organization. Fill those gaps, build connections and relationships that will help you grow.  Be an “opportunity seeker” — be exploring and networking in new and creative ways.

4. Get active: The best way to exchange ideas, learn new things and expand your network is to become involved in groups relevant to your craft. This can be through events, parades, sponsorships, volunteering, professional associations, conference event as a speaker or panelist, etc. there are endless opportunities.

5. Be positive! Yes, the economy still struggles and many people still are unemployed and underemployed. But the rise of information technology and the digital economy also is also opening up vast opportunities to work with people, businesses and organizations locally and globally. The scale of this opportunity is unprecedented, and we’ve only just begun to understand where it will take us. This is an opportunity to carve out new and unique opportunities — while being agile enough to change as change is demanded.

So how are you adding marketing sizzle to your summer?  Get out in the fun and sun and remember sharing a smile, handshake and some quality time with others connects us in ways that only deepens our personal and professional relationships. Marketing is relationship building, get out there and sizzle this summer.

Penny Jones, is a blogger and social media content writer at WebWorld Advantage. WebWorld Advantage, is a company dedicated to innovation in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education in Livingston County, serving Southeast Michigan and beyond.