Facebook Graph Search

Facebook recently announced “Graph Search” which will change the way we search within the social network.  You will be able to search your network for specific information such as “people who like ice cream in Brighton Michigan” or “restaurants my friends have eaten at in the last week” and it will return a list of your friends that meet your search criteria.  This search is entirely personalized based on your social network connections.

The big question remains. How will this change the world of marketing?  Here are a few initial thoughts to get ahead of the game.

Great Content Becomes Increasingly Important

With the ability to search for text within the millions of posts online, your content becomes even more valuable.  Craft your posts with SEO in mind and work to make it easier for your customers to link to content from your website.

Brand Champions Must Be Engaged

It will become increasingly important to engage your fans, not only on your page, but by sharing your posts, checking in at your business location and tagging you in their own posts.  Think creatively about how to incentivize your fans for sharing your page information.

Measure Your Online Sentiment

Businesses will be able to learn so much more about their fans and consumers. Access to information from your supporters will help to assess your reach, reward customer loyalty and have better insight to the value of your content.

Facebook Graph is still in Beta testing, however if you start working on increasing your visibility now, you will be ahead of the game when it does go public.

What do you think?  How will you prepare?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Candy Jones-Guerin, owner of WebWorld Advantage, is an innovator in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education.