Couple Shopping OnlineThe internet continues to grow allowing users to take advantage of a number of online features and services ranging from accessing information, shopping, social networking and so much more. Such features have led to a significant growth in the number households having access to the internet and the mobile market makes it even more accessible.

Internet growth has also led to a vast array of businesses now offering goods and services online. Keeping this in mind, businesses need to rethink how and where they market. Two historical retail revolutions are the shopping center concept and the World Wide Web. There is good evidence that the internet with all the new programs and sites may be the biggest transition and advancement for sales in a long time.  Are you ready for this transition? Pinterest is a great place to start!

Pinterest allows you to post visual content, including photos that are directly connected to your website for more information.  Anything that you post or otherwise make available on your Pinterest boards is referred to as “User Content.” You retain all rights in, and are solely responsible for, the User Content you post.  Your content on Pinterest belongs to you but it can be shown to people and others can re-pin it.  Every re-pin gives your business more and more attention.

Here are some great ways to use Pinterest for business.

Customize Thank You Gifts for Customers

Browse your customers pin boards to see what they like and then use this information to purchase personalized gifts. The vast array of items offered will give you quite a selection of quality and unique items to choose from and your gift will be perfect because your client has already let you know what they like.

Customer Based Pin-Boards

You can also, create pin-boards on your account which can be shared with your clients/customers.  By asking them to share their likes and dislikes on your shared board you will learn quickly how to cater to their needs. This is a great venue for wedding planners, interior decorators, auto specialties, artists and so much more.

Make it Personal

Connectwith others and help people to get to know you better, don’t just pin industry standards, throw in recipes etc. and make a human connection. Show people your softer side, make them feel like family. This can build a firmer relational foundation.

Pinterest often gets a stigma of being a woman’s site. Not true, there is so much offered and it is growing rapidly.  Take some time and look around on Pinterest. What have you got to lose? It’s free and you’ll gain ideas for your business and personal life.  Happy Pinning!

Penny Jones, is a blogger and social media content writer at WebWorld Advantage. WebWorld Advantage, is a company dedicated to innovation in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education in Livingston County, serving Southeast Michigan and beyond.