Our news feeds are all different. Have you ever wondered why you keep seeing the same post over and over mixed in with newer posts? This article will help to explain why you keep seeing your best friends cat pictures popping up along side your neighbors engagement photos again and again.

Facebook Tips: What’s the Difference between Top News and Most Recent?

By Melody Quintana on Friday, August 6, 2010 at 1:55pm

Last time I checked, I had 845 Facebook friends. That’s a lot of people with news to share, but Facebook’s home page can organize these stories for me into two easy-to-follow views of my News Feed—a summary of some of the top stories called “Top News” and a live feed of all stories called “Most Recent.” Here’s how the two views work:

Top News

If you haven’t logged onto Facebook in a while, your home page will default to this view. Top News shows popular stories from your favorite friends and Pages, many of which have gained lots of attention since the last time you checked. In this view, you might find out about an old friend becoming engaged or see a hilarious video that your sister posted and that tons of your friends liked.

Since Top News is based on an algorithm, it uses factors such as how many friends are commenting on a post to aggregate content that you’ll find interesting. It displays stories based on their relevance, rather than in chronological order.

Most Recent

Switch over to the Most Recent view to see all updates from your friends. This view of News Feed also constantly refreshes itself so that you can catch the latest updates.

You might score a free treat by stumbling on a daily update from Sprinkles Cupcakes, meet up with a friend who posts an update about getting lunch at your favorite deli right now or be the first to find out that U2 concert tickets are on sale. Many of these are stories that you may not have seen in Top News.

The Most Recent view shows updates from as many as 250 friends and Facebook Pages. If you have more connections, you can adjust the number to have more friends and Pages appear in Most Recent by clicking “Edit Options” at the bottom of your News Feed.

Don’t forget: If there’s ever a person, Page or story type that you don’t care to see in either of your feeds, you can prevent them from appearing in your News Feed by hovering over the story and clicking the “Hide” button that shows up to the right. If you want to unhide them, click “Edit Options” at the bottom of your News Feed and choose the friends or Pages you want to see updates from again.

Between your Top News and Most Recent feeds, you’ll always be in the loop about news from your friends that matters the most to you.

Update: We’ve made improvements on how you can sort your News Feed, including adjustments to “Top Stories” and “Most Recent” views. Visit our Help Center to learn more about how this feature works today.

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