WebWorld AdvantageMore changes are on the horizon for Facebook. They promise bigger, better and easier to use advertising tools and response.  Take a look at our brief overview or to see the entire article on Facebook’s blog click here.

So, What is Changing?

  • When Facebook’s homepage is viewed on a desktop or laptop, Facebook will introduce two larger ads instead of the current set of smaller ads. This will drive more engagement and value for advertisers, and will be a better experience for the people who visit your Page.
  • Advertisers can opt in to the new format by uploading images that fit these new specifications. Ads that follow the old specifications will stop being supported after the end of August 2014.

What is the Impact?

  • Photo ads created before June 24 will not be eligible for the larger format and will only appear in the smaller format. In order to have your ads run in the new format you’ll need to upload images in new specs.
  • If you are already running Video and offer ads in News Feed, they will automatically show up in the larger format right column ad.
  • Link, offer, event, Page like and desktop app ads will appear in the large format right column ad only if the uploaded image already meets the new format specifications.
  • Text ads will not be supported in the new right column format. Any text ads created before June 24 will only appear in the old format until end of August.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us and we can help.