Empty TheaterOne of my personal daily goals is to search for new kinds of inspiration, food for the soul, nourishment for my mind. TED Talks meet this criteria and even offers more. Every time I listen to one of the many talks I become more than I was, think deeper than I did and share what I‘ve learned with everyone I encounter. We should all focus on bettering ourselves personally and professionally. TED talks are a masterful way of doing just that.

Last week I was amazed at the number of people I talked to that were totally unaware of TED. It’s been around since 1984. TED stands for Technology, Entertainment and Design. There are 1400 TED Talks now available online and more added weekly. These videos are created in such a way as to purposely be shared and reposted. Their mission is to spread ideas, to change attitudes, lives and ultimately the world.

Since I have spent a better part of my working years in the Non Profit sector a recent Ted Talk caught my attention on You Tube.  The presenter was Dan Pallota; his topic, The Way We Think about Charity is Dead Wrong. I was challenged to rethink and view our perception on donating differently. I was so moved I immediately put a link to it on my Facebook page to share with those who could also benefit.

Shortly after I viewed this particular TED talk, I was at the Community Education building and three people there had viewed my link and were buzzing insightful thoughts and deep conversation with regard to the content.  I chimed in and continued to be fed by new found inspiration.  Not only by the TED Talk presenter or topic, but by those I was interacting with as well.

Another talk I enjoyed is Connected but Alone? By Sherry Turkle. As we expect more from technology, do we expect less from each other? This one is about technology, devices and online personas redefining human connection and communication, our relationships. Also one by Michael Norton: How to Buy Happiness – Yep, money can buy happiness, that is when you spend it on others.

All the talks I have listened to have changed my life in some way, I laugh, cry, research and often think about or question the unknown. Sometimes it’s just a grand feeling that together, embracing differences, we can enrich one another for the better.

Next month our own founder, Candy Jones-Guerin, will be attending a TED Conference in Grand Rapids, an honor for any person lucky enough to be invited. Attending these conferences requires an in depth application process and attendees are selected based on criteria including family, history, work, goals, achievements, community support and more.

These regional programs are designed to give communities, organizations and individuals an opportunity to stimulate dialogue through TED. We are proud of her devotion and desire to make this world a better place and for the opportunity for her to be fed and lead in the right direction by the vast information and knowledge she’ll gain at this much anticipated event.

Visit www.ted.com/pages/about for more information or watch one of the many videos posted on You Tube. Let us know Which Ted Talk is your favorite? Share your thoughts with us at WebWorldAdvantage.com or on Facebook.

Penny Jones, is a blogger and social media content writer at WebWorld Advantage. WebWorld Advantage, is a company dedicated to innovation in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education in Livingston County, serving Southeast Michigan and beyond.