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A recent article really caught my attention “How the physics of social media could kill your marketing strategy” (read the article here).  It is not just the title, it’s the idea that social media marketing strategy is in a tailspin never experienced before.

We are in an age of overwhelming access to information and the social media boom has created a never-ending supply of content floating around in cyberspace.  Have you thought about how that impacts the information you create for your audience?

Does your online marketing plan consider strategies to help your content rise to the top?  Are you being innovative, interesting and engaging?  Would you choose to spend time on your social media sites if you were a customer?

Consider these questions and plan for the future.  How will you make your mark?

Candy Jones-Guerin is an innovator in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education. She is the owner of WebWorld Advantage and can be found online at