Couple Working in Homeless ShelterSocial Media is an effective way for charities to connect with supporters.  With Social Media you can open up two way communication where you can engage with supporters and donors. The social media world can get your information across in the form of videos, photos and human reactions, posting events and more,bringing the scope of your work to life.

Charities rely on public support and need to find new ways to reach their supporters, potential donors and volunteers. Social media is a great source to effectively build your network, increase donations, share success stories, connect with other organizations, register supporters for events, recruit volunteers, or post insightful valuable work that your organization provides.  Human stories make charity work real and help forge deeper, more emotional connections with supporters on many levels.

When planning your social media campaign, think carefully about what you want to achieve and who you want to engage with.  Then choose your online resources in accordance to your goals. Be prepared to interact on the selected sites fairly often, you’ll want to keep active. Interacting with your followers is important; introduce news, provide usable content, stay active updating information.  Nobody interacts with a dormant account.

Many charities feel “Were just fine with what we’re doing”. Don’t be blind sighted to the possibilities that the social media world can offer.  All avenues of marketing are important; websites, print, magazines, pamphlets and PR.  Social media offers advantages that other sources can’t.  Social Media has to potential to personalize your work. Users of social media like to connect with their peers and be part of an online community.  Ask supporters to tell their story, their endorsement of your work will be far more powerful and valuable than anything that comes from the larger organization.

We know taking that first step into social media is intimidating, but you will soon establish yourself and will build a bank of followers.  Social Media is meant to be fun, straightforward and easy to use. Let’s face it, with millions of potential supporters accessible online, it is to good of an opportunity to miss out on.

WebWorld Advantage has vast knowledge of the non profit sector and we encourage charitable organizations to establish commercial methods, business expertise and entrepreneurism to the voluntary sector.  We encourage you to maximize your promotional potential.

Penny Jones, is a blogger and social media content writer at WebWorld Advantage. WebWorld Advantage, is a company dedicated to innovation in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education in Livingston County, serving Michigan and beyond.