6 Easy Ways to Reach New Customers

With newer online marketing channels, small businesses have never had more access to cost-effective, trackable marketing tools. Need some ideas to ramp up your online marketing? Here are six easy ways that successful businesses are reaching new customers online.

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4 Techniques for Avoiding Getting ‘Shadow Banned’ on Instagram

Shadow banning, also known as stealth banning, refers to a practice where apps, forums or websites will ban a user from the site or app in some way, but will not alert the user that the site or app is doing so. Usually, the ban imposes limitations on how you might interact with other users, along with your visibility on the site. Reddit users regularly post about shadow banning on […]

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How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Employees

Want to help your employees better engage on social media?
Wondering how a social media policy can help?
A social media policy gives your employees guidelines for interacting with customers and protecting their personal safety, as well as your business’s reputation.
In this article, you’ll discover three tips for creating a social media policy for your employees.

Source: How to Create a Social Media Policy for Your Employees by Larry Alton on Social Media Examiner.

#1: […]

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Facebook Releases New Research on Birthday Planning and the Opportunities for Marketers

Birthdays are a key shopping event, for both the celebrating individual and their friends. As such, it makes sense to try and target your campaigns based on birthdays, which is why Facebook introduced birthday targeting.

You can use birthday targeting within the ‘Detailed Targeting’ element of your ads creation process – using the term ‘Birthday’ will bring up specific month options.

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Facebook business page layouts are changing…again…today.

Facebook is making changes to help organizations like yours find new supporters and stay connected. We’ve developed a new Page template for nonprofits with buttons and tabs that we think will be successful for your page.

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5 ways to use Twitter’s Direct Messages as a small business

You know about Twitter. But what about its lesser-known Direct Messages feature — the self-professed “private side of Twitter”? Well it turns out you can win some serious brownie points with your audience when you use Direct Messages correctly.

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How One Small Business Became the Talk of Their Town with Email and Social Media

Read Original article by Constant Contact here!
Starting a small business is no small feat; especially when you’re working with a small audience.
Setting up shop in Collingwood, Ontario — a small town situated in Southern Georgian Bay — Dan Plouffe and Julie Card wanted to find a way to help small businesses connect with their local customer base.
With this idea in mind, they started www.mycollingwood.ca, an online portal where local businesses […]

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Answers to 20 of Your Top Social Media Questions

Here’s a roundup of the questions you asked about the top social media networks and some additional resources to help you approach social media marketing with confidence:

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Helping Your Small Business Go Social

Thanks to our friends at the Huffington Post for sharing great advice on helping your small business create a social presence.  Read below or click here for the original article.

If there’s one thing I’ve found from my time working with small businesses, it’s that marketing departments in smaller companies have embraced social media just as enthusiastically as enterprises. I looked up the stats (courtesy of BIA/Kelsey), and I wasn’t at […]

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How to Check Social Media Privacy Settings

We recently came upon this article from Social Media Examiner and wanted to share.  Take a moment to check your privacy settings with these easy tips.
Are you concerned about your online privacy?
Have you checked the privacy settings for all of your social media platforms?
Personal social media management is now more important than ever. As marketers, we’re usually out there promoting our business, yet we still need to be conscious of […]

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