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Once you decide to blog you should be ready to commit and be prepared to gain readership. Be ready to devote the time required to get the results you are looking for. I recommend you use your real identity. This may seem strange to mention but some bloggers use an alias and then when their blogs become popular it’s hard to take the credit, or even harder to explain that the content was actually written by you in the first place.

Currently on the marketing world the buzz word is Epic… it’s everywhere. I usually poke fun when I hear it, but it is catchy.  So what is Epic? It’s a word story or poem, a lengthily narrative.  It is something extended beyond the usual and/or ordinary especially in size or scope. It’s a work of art. So, why not Blog in Epic proportion for yourself or your business?

Let’s take a look at four areas for EPIC blogging.

Enormous Opportunity – Blogging is good for recognition. Specific topics can highlight the strength and focus of your product, services, skills, hobby, etc.   When you are passionate about what you do, it’s easy to put it into writing for others to feel your enthusiasm while reading your Blog.  One of the best benefits of Blogging is that it’s a great education for your readers.  It can also keep you refreshed as you create new ways of looking at what you do.

Promote and Enhance Networking – Blogs are conversation pieces They can increase your ability to meet people and make real connections and when doing so, deepen existing relationships. You will be astounded when you realize who is reading, sharing and commenting on your Blogs.  Its one more way social media will drive people toward your business.

Integrating a workload – Technology seems confusing at first but actually once you delve into new areas of social media you will be surprised how much more cohesive things become.  Utilizing a few sources that serve you well is recommended. Don’t try to do it all. Never consider social media as one more thing you have to do. Look at it as one more thing you choose to do. Anything you can do to improve your marketability is worth the time and effort. Turning your back on social media is like turning your back on customers or customer service and I’m sure anyone in business knows customers are your first priority.  

Choosing a Host and Domain Name – There are good sources online to help you get started. They offer easy to follow, step by step guides for beginners. These Blog sites write the guides for people who possess little to no knowledge, technical skills or experience of Blogging. It’s easy as choosing a domain name, finding a Web Host and posting your Blogs.

Take the lead with Epic Blogging. Create your story in 300-600 words utilizing key words to trigger search recognition.  We like WordPress, a web host you can use easily to create stunning websites and blogs. Give it a try, let us know if it works for you as well.

Should you need further in-depth education regarding Word Press, classes are offered by Candy Jones-Guerin, WebWorld Advantage at Lansing Community College or email us at Candy@webworldadvantange for upcoming class information or individual instruction.

Penny Jones, is a blogger and social media content writer at WebWorld Advantage. WebWorld Advantage, is a company dedicated to innovation in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education in Livingston County, serving Southeast Michigan and beyond.