Blogging of Epic Proportion

Once you decide to blog you should be ready to commit and be prepared to gain readership. Be ready to devote the time required to get the results you are looking for. I recommend you use your real identity. This may seem strange to mention but some bloggers use an alias and then when their blogs become popular it’s hard to take the credit, or even […]

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Social Media is not Silly Business – 5 lessons I learned from Comedian

I have a friend who recently became a comedian. I was very interested to learn of his studies, I never knew there were classes for such a profession. His class has a comedy review show to conclude their studies and prepare them for their future in entertainment. He marketed this performance on social media. It was his hope to educate his followers and to get […]

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6 Ways to Finding Your Competitive Advantage in Social Media Marketing

It’s a tough market out there, question is: what are you going to do about it? How can you make sure that customers see the value of what you provide? What makes you remarkable? In today’s marketplace, if you are not remarkable you are invisible.

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Times Are Changing, Are You?

Who would think that after age 50, I would take my daughters advice and join Facebook. I didn’t need it, I didn’t have time for it and by all means I didn’t understand it. I was confused at first but she helped me see my way through and we even spent quality time bonding through the process.

One of my personal daily goals is to search for new kinds of inspiration, food for the soul, nourishment for my mind. TED Talks meet this criteria and even offers more.

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Hiring a Social Media Consultant? 7 Great Questions to Ask!

Are you considering hiring someone to raise your brand awareness, lead traffic to your website and boost your bottom line through Social Media? You will be entrusting them with vital information and an expectancy to keep your company’s reputation top priority.

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Pinterest’s New Look “A Better Way to Discover What You Love”

In January a small group of active pinners were asked to test out a new look for Pintrest. Their input and valuable feedback allowed Pinterest to revisit the website in an effort to assist users in an easier way to discover what they love.

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Charitable Connections to Social Media

Social Media is an effective way for charities to connect with supporters. With Social Media you can open up two way communication where you can engage with supporters and donors. The social media world can get your information across in the form of videos, photos and human reactions, posting events and more,bringing the scope of your work to life.

We were surprised that so many people want to know the etiquette “rules” for being more effective in both personal and business communications. It seems to be one of the most common struggles for many who are navigating this new way of connecting. Our take: Manners matter, online and offline. Without face to face contact, even more so.

Social media usage by Baby Boomers has increased enormously since 2010 but despite the rate of growth less than 50% of the Baby Boomers are registered on Social Media. We may be slow movers but we are moving in the right direction. Its interesting since great Boomers such as Bill Gates (Microsoft) , Steve Jobs (Apple) and Sir Timothy John “Tim” Berners-Lee (the man who made […]

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