touch- tablet in handsIt was said years ago that to create a newsworthy article your should write it at a fifth grade level.  By keeping the content simple and short readers were more apt to read it. Not much has changed over the years. Content should be short and to the point and the content valuable yet simple. People crave information, education and entertainment. If we want to gain readership, it is up to us to deliver such.

Here are seven simple steps to creating a noteworthy e-newlsetter.

Catchy Headlines – These are the first things readers scan before deciding which article to read. Make them interesting. Think of them as the appetizer to the main entrée.

Photos – Visuals are always a good way to grab the eye and attention of the reader. Use photos that somewhat tell the story leaving them wanting more so they continue with the content.

Informative Content – By creating interesting informative articles your readers will be more likely to share with others, link or repost. Be original, professional and more importantly, be yourself, anyone can cut and paste. Original content is much better. I know I lose interest with stock newsletters. If I can see the personality of the writer come through it is much more enjoyable. You can almost hear their voice as you read each word.

Keep it Simple – Everything these days is supersized. Think the opposite when writing content. A good rule is 600 words or less. When an article is too big you have a greater risk to lose readers.  You want to attract readers, keep it simple. If you want to share richer, deeper information you can list a link, then those interested can take the time to dig deeper.

Services and Events – Be sure to share updated information about your products, services or events you are either hosting or involved in.  Promoting classes or expos you are involved in are good topics as well.

Customer or Client Comments – Use” feel good” stories, they always go over well. Satisfied customers or clients always make us feel good. You can even address a disgruntled customer or client. This is a great way to show your values and customer service. By addressing issues openly you showcase your business transparency and that builds trust.

Make your e-newsletter noteworthy. Make it standout, relevant and specific with quality content. Know your goals and your audience before you get started. Are you ready for some fun, funky creativity that depicts you and your business?

Create and engage current and new subscribers. When you do they will eagerly be waiting for your next e-newsletter like a weekly or monthly gift!

Penny Jones, is a blogger and social media content writer at WebWorld Advantage. WebWorld Advantage, is a company dedicated to innovation in Social Media, Email Marketing, Marketing Consulting, Training and Education in Livingston County, serving Southeast Michigan and beyond.