Facebook has released a new insights platform and more (we will get to the more soon too).  It is intuitive, gives better information and we believe, takes the mystery out of reaching your customers. There are many great new features and these are some of our favorites.

Page Likes

People are most concerned with the number of likes their page receives.  It is one of the most basic measurements and the new insights make it easy to navigate the data behind the number.  The date ranges can be adjusted and great visuals make it easy to see your month to month, quarter and yearly  numbers at a glance.  In addition, there is a wealth of information on where your likes are coming from (paid vs. organic) and what may be causing your unlikes (posts, advertisements, spam reports).  You have a great opportunity to grow your page by tuning into your like data.

Post Data

This is an area where the new insights really hit it out of the park.  The ability to break down your post data by post reach (paid vs. organic), targeting, type and engagement (clicks, likes, shares), gives you immediate feedback on your content.   If you take a moment each week to review your post level data, you will save a lot of time trying to guess which posts your fans will like and more time creating great, engaging posts that will grow your audience.

Facebook_2When Your Fans are Online

Adding this feature is a game-changer.  In a one week window, you are able to see what time of day your fans are online (whether they are interacting with your page or not).  You are also able to look at daily snapshots to identify the most popular times for each day of the week.  This feature was only available through the download analytics before.  Now, with a quick click, you know when to send your posts each day.   The times may surprise you!

The “And More” We Promised….

If you spend a lot of time scouting the competition’s pages, there is a new add-on that will help save you time.  “Pages to Watch” gives you the opportunity to monitor traffic on 5 pages that you choose.  It will alert you if there are any increases in page likes on your competitor sites so that you can visit their page and see what the fuss is all about.  It will also let you know when they are losing fans.

Facebook has made insights easier to navigate and more intuitive for marketers.  If you have not used analytics to help guide you in the past, do yourself a favor and check out the new system.

Look at your analytics, change your posts accordingly and let us know what you think.

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